Partnerships to Benefit YOU

Proud Canadian Partner of Innovas.

Innovas provides consultancy support to the public and private sectors. We offer a range of services including business support, trade & investment, talent development and research & intelligence.


Trade & investment services include:

  • Market Intelligenceresearch on potential target markets, partners, customers and commercial opportunities.
  • Export Supportassessment of export readiness and development of a strategic international growth plan.
  • Inward Investment: on-the-ground support across the UK and in target countries to identify, align and exploit opportunities.
  • In-country Support: through a partner network in the UK, North America, China and the Middle East.


OWIT-Toronto works:

  • To promote international trade and commerce.
  • To establish and expand international business contacts, particularly among women.
  • To help members develop global business skills and stay current on international issues.
  • To advocate for gender chapters in Free Trade Agreements.